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Lifetime Self-Sharpening

Our Stainless Steel blades come with a Lifetime Self-Sharpening technology that maintains Precision and Longevity.

Hard Steel Alloy Blades

Our blades made from Special Alloy trim through the thickest of body hair and are suitable for a variety of applications like Face, Eyebrows, Callus, Bikini-Area, Groin, Nose and rest of the body.


Our blades are Ingress Proof and even usable in shower with a certified rating of IPX6/ 7, depending upon the model and type you choose.

7000 RPM Motor

A Powerful Motor with High RPM cuts your hair easily with multiple movements every second.

Corded & Cordless Usage

Our Trimmers are designed to be used while charging or otherwise. Charging can easily be done via Micro-USB.

Quick-Charge Battery

The Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries used in our Trimmers are capable of being charged fully in just 120 minutes with a run time of 90 minutes for a Long Lasting Performance.

Floating Blade Head & Rotary Cutting Blade

1) The Foil-Shaving head with Advanced Floating Mesh Protection prevents nicks and cuts while allowing for a Clean-Shaven look by trimming as close as possible. 2) Designed especially for nasal hair trimming, this blade technology comes with a rotating ba

Multi- Directional Use & Anti-Snagging Butter Technology

1) The Revolutionary V-Shaped Head can be used to trim in Any Direction held, with or against the grain. 2) A very small gap of 0.2mm prevents hair from getting stuck and the Specially Designed R-Style Rounded Blades prevent pulling and snagging of hair.

2 Years Warranty

Although it is least likely to happen, in case of any defects, we provide Manufacturer’s Assurance on our Entire Trimmer Range.

Carbon Conscious

We package all our products in Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable materials to reduce carbon footprint.