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Shave Goodbye to your boring old razor and Welcome the New Feeling. Change your world with LetsShave.

About Us

People never really had a choice and were bored with the same razor blades for years. They had either overpriced razors in the monopolized market or cheap razors which would cause cuts. We are here to fill in that gap and are excited to see LetsShave elevate the innovation in Razor Blades to a lifestyle Hair Removal solution for both men and women globally. We want all our products to deliver a Feel Good feeling to all our customers and break the boring routine for something fresh & young and give them the feeling that changes their world. - Founder & CEO Sidharth Oberoi - Founder & CEO Sidharth Oberoi

Our Promise

We promise to make, deliver and develop innovative products with honest pricing and integrity to give you a feel good feeling.


Marquee Strategic Investors

LetsShave received funding in 2020, 2023 from Wipro Consumer Care Ventures. The investing party demonstrated their confidence and belief in the brand's future efforts to expand its presence in the market. Genuine support, encouragement, and appreciation by such well-known players of their field made a valuable addition to LetsShave.

Our Team