Why Is A Razor With 6 Blades Better?
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Why Is A Razor With 6 Blades Better?


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Single-Bladed Razor Or A Razor With 6 Blades, What’s Your Choice?

When young, shaving can feel exciting such as having a personal phone but when one turns an adult, getting rid of that unwanted hair becomes a chore that adds to your to-do list compulsorily. The choice of using a single-bladed razor or a razor with 6 blades is a difficult choice.

A single blade may be able to cut through exactly what is present on the surface whereas a razor with multiple blades may go so much further. Razor blades, similar to shaving creams, are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The goal should be to choose a razor that can give the closest shave possible while avoiding discomfort, razor burn, ingrown hairs. However, a razor with 6 blades is always a topic of discussion. Let us astonish you with some well-known yet distinct responses.

Benefits of a razor with 6-blades:

1. Hysteresis:-

The first blade commences the work by cutting the hair and gently lifting it off the skin. The blades that come next cut the hair even shorter before it has a chance to retract, a process known as hysteresis.

2. Clean-up Blade:-

The first two blades function similarly to a 2-blades razor, but the third blade serves as a clean-up blade, assuring nothing at all is overlooked. Increasing the number of blades twice multiplies this technique by two. It results in a perfect shave in the end.

3. Precision:-

More blades provide more accuracy while adhering to the contours of the grooming area. A razor with 6 blades provides the best shave ever with utmost precision as it is curated to move along the contours of the body parts.

4. Smoother Shave:-

A razor with 6 blades enables the blade to pass and lift the hair from the skin. It allows the razor blades to reach body hair with better accuracy each time, resulting in a fine and smoother shave. If a three bladed-razor provides a close shave, then a six-bladed razor can give a closer shave.

5. Excellent result:-

When you have a shaving accident, it only affects a small region, but the discomfort lasts for long and is unpleasant. An exceptional razor with 6 blades can deliver a great result free of cuts and zits and keep away from pain.

6. Nick-free & cut-free shave:-

The 6 blades with an optimum blade gap spread the load evenly across the skin’s surface. It even reduces the bulges of the skin, making an even surface & performing a smooth razor glide. The first blade lifts the hair, preparing it for a smooth shave, while the other blades cut the hair before it retracts, resulting in a close shave free of nicks, cuts, and skin irritation.


 It is advisable to try out a wide range of products offered in the market & see what suits you best. LetsShave offers Pro 6 Razor For Men & Evior 6 Razor For Women, which comes with 6 blades and are the best razors available in the market today. They eliminate the need to shave a similar location again and over. The specialty of Evior 6 razor with 6 blades is that it splits into a double 3-way arrangement and adopts a 180-degree bend. It results in a close, comfortable shave. A special highlight of the Pro 6 razor with 6 blades is the trimmer edge for precision trimming. Pick yours now!