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Wet VS Dry Face shaving for women


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Face shaving for women involves a lot of thought processes. Everything contributes to a woman’s face grooming journey, from determining whether or not to shave her face to figuring out which tool to use and how to use it.

A high-quality face razor is ideal, such as LetsShave’s Evior face & eyebrow razor, with stainless steel serrated blade edges that are gentle to the skin. The anti-slip grip prevents any shaving accident. The next most common question, after selecting a good razor is whether to shave it wet or dry.

Few Advantages Of Wet Face shaving for women

Wet face shaving involves using a lubricant before beginning the shave.

  • The razor glides over the contours of the face with ease due to the well-prepared hair by soaking it in water and lathering it with a lubricating gel.
  • The reduced friction results in a closer than the closest shave. The hair growth takes longer than usual due to the close shave.
  • Results in a smooth shaving experience by protecting the skin from razor burns.

Few Advantages Of Dry Face shaving for women

A dry face shave is shaving without any lubricant on the skin.

  • Dry shaving is a good option when you’re in a rush as it just requires you to use the razor on your face for a brief period.
  • The razor does not make direct skin contact, as it does while wet shaving. Thus, shaving only the topmost layer.

Let’s Wrap It Up:

Dry shaving may act as a time saver with less effort for face shaving for women, but the irritation it causes after the shave can be a problem for days to come. It is this when wet shaving comes into the picture. Face shaving for women can produce a flawless, close & smooth shave when performed with a hydrating lubricant. Adding an alcohol-free after-shave balm in the shaving process to soothe the skin can result in an irritation-free shave. Though it involves a few steps & is time-consuming, the outcome is worth the effort. 

Make a decision based on your preference and long-term shaving results