Things to keep in mind while shaving in winter
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Things to keep in mind while shaving in winter


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Winters are frigid & though one covers the entire body in warm clothes, the skin surface suffers if not cared for properly. The texture of the skin starts to feel itchy, dry & sensitive. Shaving in winter is an ideal solution to it. The fuss to get rid of that unwanted hair during winter also becomes a task without proper research & knowledge. What to pick & how to go about it remains a constant question.

Shaving in winter has many factors which are discussed below:



Exfoliation is a procedure in which the top layer of the skin gets cleared away, eliminating the dead, dry skin. It is the first step when shaving & helps in a flawless, relaxed shaving experience. Using a good scrub rich in coffee and antioxidants can work wonders for your skin. The sand-like texture of the coffee rejuvenates the skin and boosts circulation while eliminating cellulite, preventing acne formation & stimulating the senses.

A Lubricant For Shaving In Winter: 

A Lubricant For Shaving In Winter

Winters are cold & make the skin dry, flaky & itchy. If you don’t use a lubricant while shaving, you may increase your chances of skin irritation. Many people prefer using soap which can make the skin dry & result in skin irritation while shaving in winter. A proper shaving routine involves using an alcohol-free gel, cream or foam rich in natural extracts such as Aloe Vera & Avocado Oil that protects the skin from irritation & helps in moisture trapping. 

A High-Quality Razor:

A High-Quality Razor

A high-quality razor comes with lubricating strips rich in natural extracts to keep up with the moisturizing element. It acts as a short section of sponge releasing polymers that expand, unfold, and extend along the skin, adding a lubricating layer that helps while shaving in winter.

After-Shave Care:

After-Shave Care

Hair removal after a hot shower leaves the pores open. It is essential to close the pores by washing the shaved area with cold water followed by adequate after-shave care. Go for an alcohol-free after-shave balm to calm the skin and provide intense hydration after shaving in winter. Choose alcohol-free after-shave care to protect the skin from burning sensations.

The Question Of How & When?

The question “how to shave” & “when to shave” are equally important during winter. It is preferable to shave at night as the topmost layer of the skin is removed when shaving in winter, and preparing it the night before can give the skin some room to confront the cold weather.

Shave with ease and avoid dry skin during the winter. Enjoy the smooth, comfortable, and clean outcome.