How to Take Care of Your Face Under That Beard?
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How to Take Care of Your Face Under That Beard?


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Like to grow that furry beard but get itchy, flaky skin beneath all that? If so, this guide is for you.

Here’s a bitter truth that no one tells you about the beard: Facial hair strips away moisture resulting in a dry, flaky skin. What makes it worse is that facial hair also catches oil and dirt near the hair follicles, thus clogging pores and causing acne.

But don’t worry fellas. We’ve got your beard! We just launched few products that are cosmetologist-approved advice, for the skin on your face and under your facial hair.

Basic Rule of Washing
According to Dr. Sonia Oberoi, Aesthetic Medi Cosmetologist, if you’ve got a little bit of extra time then go for hot steam in a warm shower (or with a hot washcloth or just a table-top steamer also works). This will loosen the beard hairs and soften the skin under your beard and open the pores. Then, cleanse your face with a Face Wash. If you remain outside in pollution for too long then you should use this face wash twice a day — once in the morning and once again before bed. Activated charcoal & mint will pull out dirt, impurities and cleanse your beard without over-drying your face.

Exfoliate Twice a week
Because you’re growing a beard and not shaving — which removes the top layers of skin — using exfoliating scrubs two times per week is a must. Exfoliating removes dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, unclogs your pores and keeps your skin and beard clean. To exfoliate properly, rinse your beard and face with warm water to open the pores, which will loosen dead skin and open pores. Take a dollop sized scrub on your fingers and use your fingertips to gently scrub in a small circular motion. Then rinse off with cold water to close the pores to avoid acne.

Last Rule- Moisturize After Washing

It’s not just important to to keep the skin beneath your beard clean, but be sure to keep it moisturized – otherwise your body may overcompensate by producing excess sebum and oil, which can cause clogged pores and acne breakouts. Using beard oil for beard isn’t enough. You have to take care of your skin underneath that fur to help your whole face feel fresh and reduce itchiness caused by dryness. Use a lightweight moisturiser. Paraben & Sulphate free lotion will completely transform your skin by keeping your skin away from harmful ingredients that may obstruct beard growth.