Cool Shave In Hot Summer
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Cool Shave In Hot Summer


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Razor burn – those sore, red, and often bumpy patches that appear after shaving – is no laughing matter. A good shaving razor, an improved shaving technique, and proper aftercare can make a significant difference. Here are five great ways to have that cool shave in hot summer.

1) Exfoliate and cleanse

Always begin your shave by washing with cold water and exfoliating your face – the extra five minutes is well worth it. Exfoliation is essential because it removes dead skin cells and dirt from your skin’s top layer and brings ingrown hairs to the surface. Use LetsShave Face Scrub to prepare the skin and prevent razor burn. Then wait for a moment to cool down. You want your pores to be open, but if your skin is too hot and puffy, you won’t be able to shave properly.

2) Soften the hair up

Softening the hair before shaving is a good idea whether you prefer shaving cream, lotion, or gel. Using a shaving brush to apply it can help you get full coverage, and leaving it on for a few minutes (just a few minutes) can help soften the hair even more. Use LetsShave Transparent Shave Gel preferably, for a better view of the area you are going to shave. 

3) Shave better

When using a regular 2-blade razor, you frequently scrape against the skin, removing a thin layer at a time. As you might expect, this can easily lead to cuts and irritation, resulting in razor burn. Because it helps the hairs stick up, use World’s First 6 Blade Razor, LetsShave Pro 6. It can help you get at hair without multiple passes. 6 Blade Technology shaves in one stroke. Use light pressure and avoid going over the same area repeatedly. The end result? An easier and even painless experience.

4) Work with clean, sharp tools

Rinse your razor at regular intervals before, after, and during the shave. And, remember to replace blades frequently because dull blades require more passes to catch the hairs, causing irritation. 

5) Apply soothing products

After shaving, rinse your skin with cold water and pat it dry, not rubbing. After that, apply LetsShave Aftershave Balm – just avoid anything containing alcohol, as it may cause irritation (as well as the stinging sensation you may be familiar with).

That’s how you get a cool shave in hot summer!


If you’re prone to razor burn, giving your skin more time to recover between shaves can help.  

Wrap Up

That’s all. Shake up your shaving routine with our razor burn tips, and you’ll notice a difference right away.