Can women shave using men’s razor?
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Can women shave using men’s razor?


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The difference in men’s razor & women’s isn’t about dullness or the ability to cut hair close to the skin for a smoother feel. It’s about the head, handle shape, rotation and how it fits within the contours of the skin,” says Dr. Jody Levine, celebrity dermatologist and director of dermatology at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC.

Specially designed for sensitive skin

specially designed for sensitive skin

Men shave dense, hard, and coarse facial hair and so their razors have an oblique blade angle. However, women’s body hair is softer as compared to that of men and so their razors are specially designed with an appropriate angle. 

Ergonomic Handle

ergonomic handle

The ergonomically designed and rubberized handle gives women a comfortable grip and firm control to hold a razor to reach those tricky spots.

Rounded Head & Micro-Guard Bar

rounded head and micro guard bar

Women shave larger areas such as legs and arms as compared to men who shave their face. To facilitate body shaving, women’s razors come with a rounded head and a micro-guard bar to prep their hair before the blades touch the skin ensuring a smooth and comfortable shave.

Pivoting Head

pivoting head

The head of a women’s razor pivots and adjusts according to the contours of their body, reaching the hard-to-reach spots and delivering a smooth shave with utmost ease and comfort.

Lubricating Strips

lubricating strips

In women’s razors, 2 wide moisture bars are present with real plant extract to moisturize the skin for a long lasting smoothness as compared to men’s razors which tend to have only one moisture strip. Women need that extra hydration to avoid skin irritation.

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