A good trim can help you stand out during the Navratri!
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A good trim can help you stand out during the Navratri!


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With April here, Navratri and the exciting festivities are just around the corner. A good trim can help you stand out during the Navratri festivities. Men should not be left out of the festive spirit, which is amusingly enveloping the air. LetsShave has compiled a list of the best grooming ideas and products to help them put their best “face” forward. Men, above all, deserve a little radiance! On the one hand, we see women inventing beauty and fashion trends on a daily basis; on the other hand, to our pleasant surprise, men are fiercely breaking stereotypes and gearing up (and in style!) for the ongoing nine-day festival.

  • Cleansing the face

Who doesn’t want a face free of acne and blemishes? To exotify the whole affair of men setting beauty trends during the festive season, a large portion of males are interested in facials, cleanups, anti-tans, and acne treatments. It’s never been easier to draw attention to the perfect jawline. The radiance may be envious of the women, but why should the girls have all the fun?

  • Enhance your beard’s appearance

Nothing tames a beard like good old-fashioned beard oil. To get ready for the holidays, choose a product that nourishes and conditions your beard from within. Beard oil is the most effective because it not only nourishes your beard but also improves its manageability and shine. And, when it comes to styling your beard, choose a product that both moisturizes your skin and promotes beard growth.

  • Don’t forget about the mustache

There’s no denying that mustaches have made a spectacular comeback. Heatwaves can wreak havoc on your mustache styling this time of year. Choose Beard Pen Styler to shape your beard and mustache to keep it looking neat and naturally well-sculpted.

  • Include some fragrance

A festival-ready face should smell nice. Aside from its healing properties, aftershave can leave your skin with a sweet fragrance. It’s not meant to be too loud or overwhelming. Instead, go for a subtle fragrance.

  • Shave and trim your beard

A well-groomed beard glides effortlessly into a woman’s heart! And when your beard is perfectly shaped, you know you’ve got a good deal. During the festive season (Navratri), a swarm of men enters and exits with perfectly-shaped beards to flaunt! An added bonus is the trend of using an illuminator, which favorably enhances the look one is sporting while leaving a trail of gasping women in its wake. Go for a clean shave with LetsShave Pro 6 plus razor or stubble with stubble trimmer.

  • Pedicures and manicures

Men are not only interested in basic manicures and pedicures; they are also interested in luxurious pampering with body polishes, delicate masks, and other treatments. During the festive season, men have a high demand for platinum facials, diamond body polishes, jasmine, and caviar body wraps, and they welcome the fanciest run-up to flaunt in pandals and fests all day and night. That’s the end of stereotyping!

  • Finally, have faith in the trimmer

Trimming is an important step in keeping your face fur in check. You should choose a trimmer that trims without causing any discomfort. The LetsShave Hair, Body & Beard Trimmer quickly shape your beard to perfection!