7 Must-Have Travel Essentials
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7 Must-Have Travel Essentials


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There is always something you’ll inevitably forget when you pack for any type of trip. So consider this your friendly reminder to pack these items first, before you put anything else in your suitcases. Your hotel may have a hair dryer and shower essentials in the bathroom but it definitely won’t have your favourite face cleanser (you definitely don’t want to take acne breakout risk). So, allow us to make packing smoother. Check our must-pack travel essentials for your trip:

  1. Anti-frizz spray

You don’t know how your hair would react with the new climate and water. Carry an anti-frizz spray. In case of dryness, you have got your frizz in control.

  1. BB cream

Be it beach or mountain, you want to soak in the beauty. Who has the time for a full make-up? If you’re not going to attend a party, let your skin breathe a little. Just carry a BB cream and dab it on with a little moisturizer.

  1. Hand cream and Lip balm

Hands tends get dry no matter wherever you go. So, it’s a very good idea to carry your favourite, non-sticky hand cream. Ooh, you sure want to keep your lips soft and supple, don’t you? Keep a lip balm handy. Here’s a little hack – carry a lip scrub with you, dab it in some water and scrub them for a few minutes. You will get naturally red lips in seconds. Now apply the balm. Voila, Cinderella!

  1. Shaving kit

Get your hands on the shaving kit exclusively designed for women from LetsShave. It is very handy, safe and convenient to use. Its premium sets have all the items that you might need during your travels: a Face razor, PediCare and a BODY Razor, for that last-minute before-flight sorta shave.

  1. Sunscreen

Whether or not your destination is sunny, sunscreen is your protector. Guard your skin at all times.

  1. Make-up Removal face wipes

For those special date nights or long-day outings when you return to your suite all tired, keep face wipes handy.

  1. Disposable Toilet-Seat Covers

Definitely not a glamorous on the list but arguably the most important for wherever you go.

Have a great Trip!